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G10 grips for RDP model - IN STOCK!

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The new Wilson Combat RDP model is fully explained on the home page. I chose G10 grips that are unique to that pistol & not found on any other Wilson Combat model. This pattern is super attractive & has a very agressive feel. The grips offer a very nice feeling in the hand & give the shooter ample purchase on the pistol. However, they can be used in extended range sessions without any discomfort at all. There are no embedded emblems to shoot loose from recoil.

G10 is an incredibly durable material that is impervious to water & chemicals. If the grips become dull over time, simply spray them with oil, let them sit a few minutes & then wipe off the excess. They'll look just like new! These are available for the full size 1911 as well as bobtail and compact frames.

These grips are priced at $95.00, including shipping. Call Joe Rankin at 601-953-6615 to get your set today!

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