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Shooting Instruction

All Lessons & Clinics are geared to the student’s current ability level
Students of varying skill levels need different types of information & instruction. I tailor each session to include the techniques that will lead to the most improvement in that individual. Groups work the same way, except more flexibility is called for from the Instructor.

Lessons can be private, semi-private or groups up to 5 shooters
Private lessons are the most popular format. However, many friends who shoot together prefer semi-private or group lessons. These work well as long as the shooters' skill levels are similar. Semi-private & groups lessons will last longer than private lessons so that each participant gets enough individual attention & shooting. Groups are the least expensive way to get instruction.

One, Two & three day clinics are available
These type clinics are great for those who shoot enough to have good endurance & want to make lots of improvement in a short period of time. We can get in lots of instruction & shooting in clinics lasting from one to three days. 
Lessons & Clinics available at your location
I am available to travel to your location if the amount of instruction warrants it. The time may be spent on individual or group lessons, depending on the wishes of your shooters.

Ideal for Corporate events
Sporting Clays and Shooting Instruction have become very popular for Corporate events, fund raisers, charity events, or just a group wanting to have fun. Events may be tailored to the desires of the client.

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Lesson Packages Include:

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For Pricing and General Information, please contact us.

Other Services

GUN SAFETY – All students will be taught the proper safety rules for their particular type of shotgun. Beginners will get a through A through Z briefing. More experienced shooters will be reminded of shotgun safety, etiquette & receive reminders when necessary. EYE DOMINANCE – If eye dominance is an issue, we’ll address it & take the necessary steps to get the student breaking targets.

DETERMINE EYE DOMINANCE – If eye dominance is an issue, we’ll address it & take the necessary steps to get the student breaking targets.

GUN FITTING – I can normally make adjustments on the course to shotguns for novice shooters that are acceptable for their skill level. As the student progresses, we may need more careful attention to gun fit, sometimes culminating in a custom made stock.

CORPORATE OUTINGS – Sporting Clays is quickly becoming the sport of choice for corporate client's team-building, staff meetings, entertaining customers, etc. Instruction combined with these events is the latest popular addition. Participants will have a great time & learn in the process.

SPORTING CLAYS, SKEET, FIELD SHOOTING – I offer instruction in any of these areas. If you have a private facility or club, I’ll be glad to travel to your location.

LESSONS & CLINICS AT YOUR CLUB – Individual lessons are available hourly or in half day sessions. Groups lessons or 1 to 3 days clinics may be arranged.

BACHELOR PARTIES, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, FAMILY REUNIONS  – These type functions are great fun & offer something different for those who love the outdoors.

LADIES ONLY GROUPS – Get your group of friends together & let’s break some targets. My women students seem to enjoy shooting as much or more than the guys. And, they usually do very well! A loaner gun is available that has been altered to fit most women.

YOUTH – INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP – Want to get your kids started off the right way? We’ll begin with safety & stress it the entire session. If they don’t learn anything else, they will be safe! They’ll be much better wing shooters & will learn correct habits & techniques to being with.

SCTP & YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS – The Scholastic Clay Target Program is growing exponentially in many areas of the US. We’re in the process of getting it off the ground in our area. Visit www.mynsca.com & click on the SCTP button on the left for more information.

LOANER GUN AVAILABLE – I have a loaner gun with a fully adjustable stock I prefer to use for newer shooters. If you don’t know which gun to purchase, please use this one to begin with & let me help you make a good choice when it’s time. You might even save some money!

INSTRUCTION AT CORPORTATE EVENTS – This service includes a brief discussion on safety & etiquette on the course or in the field. I serve as a “safety guide” in addition to giving instruction. The instruction can include demonstrations at the beginning of the event & individual or small group instruction while shooting as the shooters progress through the course. This can be set up any want the client prefers.

If there is any particular service you desire, please call & let’s discuss it! For Pricing and General Information, please contact us.